Kia's new Idle Stop & Go is a new innovative and eco friendly technology, that automatically switches the engine off when the car is stopped or rolling forwards at less than 4 kph, with the gearbox in neutral, the clutch depressed, and the engine at idle speed. In typical city driving conditions, with heavy traffic and constant stop-start motoring, the ISG system dramatically cuts fuel consumption and emissions - by up to 15%.

As part of the ISG system, a 'smart' starter motor linked to the ECU, monitors the car's status at all times. When the car comes to a stop, such as at traffic lights, the ECU uses information from various other control systems around the vehicle to decide if switching the engine off is appropriate. If for any reason the car's battery power drops below 75% of maximum, or if there is insufficient energy available for the next start-up, the system will abort its Stop & Go programme.

While the car is stationary, if the clutch pedal is depressed, the engine is instantly restarted - automatically. There is no delay in setting off, as the engine re-starting process is accomplished in the time it takes to select first gear.

Kia will be among the first to offer fuel saving, automatic, stop-start technology on a mass-market car, when it introduces the ISG system in July 2011 to the all new Picanto model.