What is Kia Incident Care?

Put simply, if you and your new Kia are unfortunately involved in an incident or crash that requires body repairs to your Kia, Kia Incident Care is here to help you.

Call 0800 800 542 and let the representative know that you have been involved in an incident and they will take over and help you through the entire process, getting your car repaired and back on the road. Kia Incident Care will even assist with completing claim forms, providing you with a courtesy car and making sure your Kia is repaired to exacting standards.

As with anything there are conditions, the most relevant of which is that you have a current motor vehicle insurance policy that applies to you and your Kia.

Kia Incident Care is included with your new Kia and covers you for the first five years you have your Kia. At the end of five years, simply contact your Kia dealer to extend the coverage.

Kia Incident Care benefits include:

  • Complimentary late-model courtesy cars for the duration of the repair (in most locations)
  • Recovery and delivery of the damaged vehicle at no cost to the driver
  • Claim form provision and facilitation to insurance broker or insurance company
  • Stakeholder co-ordination and communications
  • Repair progress tracking and pro-active client communications including target completion dates
  • Complimentary vehicle valet at completion
  • Documented quality inspection
  • Dispute resolution and/or co-ordination of fault rectification