Delivering the ride, delivering the safety

Safety has always been a priority for the Kia design team, and with the Sportage you can expect peace of mind driving in challenging weather conditions, or when responding to unexpected road hazards. Active and passive safety measures are at the foundation of the Sportage design, where chassis, steering, handling and stopping power combine to make a well integrated package.

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  • Active Headrests

    The active headrests move forward and up within milliseconds of an impact to cushion the head and prevent whiplash, one of the biggest injury risks.

  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

    In the event of sudden braking or turning, Electronic Stability Control (ESC) activates to regulate engine torque and distribute braking force independently, slowing you down safely with maximum control.

  • Downhill Brake Control and Hill-Start Assist Control

    Downhill Brake Control (DBC) helps you safely maintain control and a steady speed on steep descents. Hill-start Assist Control (HAC) automatically applies the brake when you’re on a hill, preventing you from rolling backwards, and releases after the accelerator is pressed.

  • Rear Parking Assistance System

    Parking in tight spaces can often be awkward. The Rear Parking Assistance System sounds an alert if you get too close to obstacles, making parking simpler than ever before.

  • Electro-Chromic Rear View Mirror

    The Electro-Chromic rear view Mirror (ECM) auto- matically dims when it senses headlight glare from tailing vehicles, making night driving safer and easier. It also incorporates a colour rear-view camera display that provides all-round vision by eliminating blind spots and provides guidelines to assist in reversing into tight spaces.

  • 6 Airbag Protection with Rollover Sensor

    A comprehensive range of safety features are incorporated into the Sportage. A six airbag system includes two front, two side, plus two curtain airbags running front to back. The side and curtain airbags incorporate a rollover sensor, automatically inflating in the event of the car turning over.

  • Disc Brakes with ABS

    Four large disc brakes offer plenty of stopping power, and an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) prevents skidding and lets you maintain steering control under hard braking conditions.